Thursday, March 7, 2013


Padang, Indonesia


Info ringkas berkaitan Padang :
Padang is a common transit point for surfers traveling to Batu Islands and Mentawai Islands, and for tourists visiting the West Sumatran highlands. Padang beach (known as Taplau or Tapi Lauik) which located from Samudra Street until Puruih, is well known for its beautiful sunset and hundreds of food stalls. Bungus bay, to the south of Padang, is suitable for swimming and boating. Adityawarman Museum specializes in the history and culture of the local Minangkabau ethnic group, and the main exhibits are housed within a Rumah Gadang style building. Batang (River) Kuranji flows in Padang and on top area of the river at Batu Busuk, Lambung Bukit sub-district is suitable for white water activities.
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